EMERGENCY FAX: Tax Cut Bill In Doubt As GOP Resistance Grows!

As Congress prepares for final votes, the historic Tax Cut bill is now facing opposition in the Senate that threatens passage of the bill. The revised bill now has two NOs in the Senate with two more Senators still undecided. If you want to see real tax reform and tax cuts, then it's time to let your state's senators and other key senators know where you stand.

Fax Senate Now!

Complete the form below to take immediate action and schedule your faxes to your two Senators and key Senate leaders demanding they "Cut Our Taxes Now" and pass the GOP tax cut plan. To see a complete list of FaxFire targets and their contact information, click here.

The Tax Bill now hangs in the balance. With final votes in Congress now imminent, please schedule faxes TODAY."

$15.00 BIG IMPACT: Fax your two Senators, the SEVEN "fence sitting" GOP Senators and Senate leaders from both parties. (Up to 18 faxes)

$60.00 $35.00 (42% Discount) BIGGER IMPACT: Fax the above, plus every remaining Republican in the U.S. Senate. (Up to 57 faxes)

$100.00 $55.00 (45% Discount) BIGGEST IMPACT: Fax every member of the United States Senate. (100 faxes in all)

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